Fiat Cinquecento

Fiat Cinquecento 'Trofeo' 1996 Replica

Now, we didn’t build or design this Fiat Cinquecento ‘Trofeo’ Replica, however when we originally purchased it, it was a non runner, with no signs of life when you turned the key.

After a few day of systematically trying to discover what the issue was, we soon realised that the earth strap for the ECU was loose, and it quickly fired into life! A much easier fix than first imagined. We then took it to ‘Pipe Dynamics’ in Leven to get a full stainless exhaust hooked up to the 4-2-1 stainless exhaust manifold but opted to keep the ‘Janspeed’ tailpipe.

Running a 1242cc Fiat Punto 16V Twin Overhead Cam engine with a CDA Carbon Air Filter, TA Technix Coilovers , full roll cage, upper & lower strut braces, Corbeau bucket seats, perspex windows and 14″ Speedline Alloys (just to name a few of its key features). We can certainly assure you that this little Fiat certainly packs a punch, and is as fun as it looks to drive.

I would like to say, that being a self proclaimed Fiat Cinquecento enthusiast, I saw a lot about this particular Cinquecento on both ‘Fiat Forum’ and Facebook. This is the car that inspired me to to modify my own Cinquecento, so when the opportunity came up to have a chance at owning it, it was too good to turn down.