Fiat Coupe

Fiat Coupe 20V 1997

Arguably my favourite car of all time, the Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo. When it was launched it was the fastest front wheel drive car ever produced, and is the fastest Fiat ever made. Styled by renowned designer ‘Pininfarina’ the Coupe combines elegant looks with power and performance. A well appreciated classic by more or less everyone.

Now this particular Coupe that we have is just a 20v non turbo. I remember buying it, we bought it off someone down in Ayr, he’s had re-sprayed it himself, and in truth it looks pretty presentable. I instantly knew I had to take it home with me. My dad, being the more cautious of the two of us, had his doubts due to it being such a high maintenance old car. We were told that the timing belt had been changed recently (which seemed to be the case upon inspection) and it came with a whole folder of history- what could possibly go wrong?

It drove brilliantly. It was quick, responsive, sounded incredible, was comfortable to drive and handled brilliantly. I then took it into where I was working at the time the next day. Everyone loved the look of it, a blast from the past for most. It then decided to throw the timing belt and bent all 20 valves… Gutting the say the least.

Now it just needs pieced back together again. It hopefully won’t be long until  it’s back on the road.