Fiat X1/9

Fiat X1/9 1987

Our little Fiat X1/9, arguably turns just as many heads as the Trofeo Cinquecento, where ever you go, where ever it is parked you are guaranteed to be noticed in it, and you are guaranteed to be complimented on it. This mid-engine, two seater Fiat styled by ‘Bertone’ is certainly one of our favourites. Not overly fast with it’s 1.5 petrol engine, but it’s low centre of gravity and incredible handling really does make it a joy to drive.

We bought this 1987 Fiat X1/9 which had been off the road and dry stored for the last 3 or 4 years. We winched it onto the trailer, but we had previously seen it running. Body work, is surprisingly solid (Which for a Fiat is a miracle) albeit it won’t win you any awards and could do with tidying up, but it makes a very useable and enjoyable X1/9.

We spent a few weeks getting it up and running, sorting out some electrical issues (a typical Fiat trait), the manual choke was sticking, one of the ‘pop up’ headlights wasn’t wanting to ‘pop up’ and we opted for a K&N Air Filter. Overall it didn’t take much to re-instate this classic Fiat back to the road, where it most definitely belongs.

Some of you may be looking at the photos, wondering why it no longer has a standard steering wheel on it. The answer is real simple, the car is not designed for anyone of the height of 6ft 4″. It was incredibly uncomfortable for me to drive and I was struggling to move my left leg to operate the clutch, and wasn’t prepared to part with the X1/9 so soon, so we got innovative and came up with a simple, yet effective solution.